Hilary Anne

Today is the 23rd birthday of my best friend, Hilary. I have been fortunate to have known her for about 21 of those years, to the point where I don’t remember meeting her or remember my life without her friendship. Hilary is proof that it’s who you’re with, not what you’re doing, that matters.

In honor of your birthday, here are 23 of my favorite memories with you:

1. Playing “pilgrims” at your old house/park

2. The climb music video

3. PACES chores. Namely, you cleaning door handles

4. Soccer music video

5. Cheetah Girls music video (go Gumby)

6. Our Cristiano Ronaldo phase

7. Love story music video

8. The first homeschool formal

9. The delicious strawberry cake your mom made at all of your birthday parties

10. Visiting you at HP your 1st year, getting little caesar’s, and eating it on the grass

11. Your visit to Biola

12. Party in the USA music video

13. Trying to cook mushrooms

14. Trying to make moral movie choices and somehow always picking the dumbest movies ever made (e.g. “The Mistress of Spices”)

15. Watching Lark Rise to Candleford with your mom

16. “Vandalizing” a certain family’s house and later a certain someone’s car in the same family

17. Trying to make sense of “our brothers in Christ” (what does praying on a hill even mean?)

18. Our singing/dancing routine with tuxedo t-shirts and canes in the Christmas Pageant

19. Watching you back into the parked car in the Cold Stone parking lot

20. When we (mostly you) cooked Chinese food at your house

21. When we went to the Cheesecake Factory and took pictures on the Arboretum cows

22. Chipotle Dates

23. Every trip to Sonic (and there’s probably hundreds!)


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