New Job(s) (continued)

I saw a posting on CraigsList on Wednesday morning to be an event intern. The posting said that it was paid, just thru the end of October (which is good because I want to go abroad soon), and would require some travel (you know that got me excited!).

I e-mailed the lady my resume, not really thinking I would hear back, but I did, right away! She said my resume really grabbed her attention and that she wanted to meet with me. Over the phone, she explained to me that Ferias Para Aprender puts on events or ferias to help Spanish-speaking parents become key leaders of their children’s academic success. They started in Austin but now they have them in LA, Miami, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Corpus Christi. I had no idea what the organization was about before I sent my resume, but it ended up being totally up my alley, and something that I am passionate about. So me and the lady met at Starbucks that night and she said I could have the job if I wanted it. Basically, I help my boss with whatever she needs. There are 4 ferias every weekend in October, so there is a ton of work that has to get done soon.  That means I am helping with registering people, editing forms and flyers for the website, sending e-mails, etc. Tomorrow I am going to DFW for a breakfast event, which will be my first time representing the company in public, and I get to go to DFW several more times in September for training events for our volunteers.

So far, I am really enjoying the work. I love jobs that constantly keep me busy, and this is one of them. When I was an RA, I felt like there was always something to do, which at times is exhausting, but it made me work hard and forced me to stay on top of things. That’s how I feel about this job. I have way more to do than there is time for in the day, but I like trying to get it all done. And, I work out of my boss’ house, which is pretty close to my house, and way more chill than an office environment.

Oh, and I am also coaching an 5th-6th grade volleyball team. We started practice on Wednesday morning. They are so cute and I am having lots of fun. I started playing volleyball in 6th grade and I felt WAY older then than those girls look to me now. They are just babies!

I am thankful that God provided this job for me out of the blue and that it was more suitable to me than I even knew when I applied.

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  1. Angela says:

    Emily! I am so excited for YOU!!!!!

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