DFW Feria


My first Feria, which is what I have been working on the past 6 weeks, was this past Saturday in Dallas. The event ran from 12-4 and at 2 PM, 15,000 people had already come through the doors. 15,000! Never before have I been a part of something this big! It was really, really amazing and I was SO happy to see the faces of thousands of Hispanic children and parents eager to learn more about the US education system.

The only possible reason I have had the strength to work this hard for six weeks is God. I have gotten little sleep, worked long hours, and had to be more assertive and confident than I usually am.

Example: On Friday night, the night before the event, my boss sent me to Wal-Mart alone to buy bottled water, plates, and napkins for 600 people, and lots of other additional supplies. I was there from midnight-2 AM, in a part of Dallas I had never been to. After literally waiting in line to check out for 30 minutes (who knew Wal-Mart was so crowded in the middle of the night??), 4 different credit cards/numbers that my boss gave me were declined, which literally took another 30 minutes of me trying to check out. Everyone in line behind me understandably wanted to punch me. Normally I get so flustered in situations like this, but I remained calm and kept calling my boss back until we found a credit card (#5) that went through.

And, somehow, after 12 hours of sleep combined over Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night, I had energy for the whole event on Saturday (normally I say I need 7 hours a night to function-God is funny!).

Wednesday I leave for Miami and the Miami Feria is on Saturday. Then this job winds down. I know that if God has given me the strength thus far, He will keep me going through Saturday.

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