The Year in Review

2011 was surprising. I didn’t expect to move back home after graduation. I didn’t know I would be so lonely at times. I didn’t expect to feel so lost without being a student anymore. I’m still not sure how I am moving to Ireland in 10 days.

2011 was international. I went to China and 12 countries in Europe. Though both were technically “vacations,” they were so much more. I don’t know how to explain it very well, but my heart is full when I think about those trips and all that God taught me about Himself, His people, and me.

2011 was also painful. Someone I never expected to hurt me, hurt me very badly. How do you forgive someone who might never tell you he’s sorry? I don’t know.

2011 was, perhaps more than anything, a lesson in God’s goodness to me. HE GIVES ME SO MUCH I DO NOT DESERVE. He gave me jobs when I needed them, friends when I felt my loneliest, a family who supports me, and unconditional love when all I saw and felt was confusion.

So long, 2011.

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