I want to scream

I forgot how stressful packing and the last few days before a trip can be. I always plan to have things done far in advance so my last days at home are spent in relaxation, but we all know that never happens. I just had a minor heart attack when I was checking my flight itinerary and it was apparently changed to me leaving at midnight tonight. After calling customer service, they assured me my flight was still on Thursday,  the e-mail was just wrong. The fact that I got so worked up reminded me to breathe, slow down, and relax. Everything will get done, but what’s most important is spending time with the people around me that I won’t get to see for a long time. There might be lots of times in the next 2 days that I just want to scream because I am feeling 58 different emotions, and that’s okay. Sometimes it helps to scream. But please God, let me be mindful of this the next few days:

      Christ be with me, Christ within me,
         Christ behind me, Christ before me,
      Christ beside me, Christ to win me,
         Christ to comfort and restore me,
      Christ beneath me, Christ above me,
         Christ in quiet, Christ in danger,
      Christ in hearts of all that love me,
         Christ in mouth of friend and stranger.
           -St. Patrick's Breastplate

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