I am still in Dublin. My internet access has been so spotty (even at the hostel) and let’s be honest, blogging isn’t really a priority when you have a city to explore! I like Dublin, but don’t love it.

I was supposed to head to Westport today to go to the farm but when I e-mailed the farmer a couple of days ago, he never confirmed, so I decided not to go and perhaps be stranded at the bus stop. It’s actually probably for the best because A) I don’t feel very good today (I think the cold and several plane rides caught up to me) and B) I have been feeling like I want to start looking for a job and place to live ASAP. So I am planning on going to Galway tomorrow? I guess it depends on how I am feeling.

Also, I made friends with a group of Portuguese people at my hostel and hung out with them last night. I can understand a lot of Portuguese which is cool!

I also had the best fish n’ chips EVER yesterday.

Pictures to come from Dublin soon!

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