I knew that the initial excitement of being in Ireland would wear off, and it has. Reality has set in, and reality is that I really need a job and a place to live. The past few days I have been looking at tons of jobs and rooms to rent online and e-mailing my CV (the European equivalent of a resumé) to people, without really hearing back much. A Brazilian girl that I met at my hostel has an au pair job, and she is trying to get me one of those. The more I think about it, the more I think I would like that kind of job because rent and food are covered, and you still make extra money. I think the best way to learn more about Irish culture would be by spending lots of time with a family.

Oh also, I didn’t go to the farm. I am still sick-ish and in Dublin. I am applying to jobs all over Ireland, but since I have been here, I think my best bet to find work is in Dublin. I like it more than I thought I would, and I think I would be back here a lot anyway because they have lots of events and festivals. Also, there are so many foreigners here who understand my situation because they are going through the same thing.

Some things that make me happy:

-Dublin Public Library! That’s where I am right now, using their free wifi and people-watching

-Irish accents

-The fact that it has only rained for 5 minutes since I’ve been here. I love the rain, but not when you have to walk around in it

-Walking everywhere

-Grocery shopping (especially in TESCO)

This is my prayer today, from St. Patrick:
“I rise today, with God’s power to guide me, God’s strength to raise me, God’s wisdom to lead me, God’s vision to see for me, God’s ears to hear for me, God’s words to speak for me, God’s hands to protect me, God’s path before me, God’s shield to guard me, with God’s friendship to keep me safe from the contriving of demons, the temptations of sin, the inclinations of my nature, and everyone who wishes me harm, far and near, alone and in the crowd…”

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