I got the job! Yesterday I took the bus about 30 minutes outside Dublin yesterday to meet the family at their current apartment. Somehow I miraculously got off on the right stop and found their apartment complex without any problems. When I got there, I met their 1-year-old boy named Daniel. He is ADORABLE and smiles a lot. He has dark red hair, blue eyes, and cherub cheeks. He is what I think of when I think of an Irish baby. The family and I talked for about 45 minutes and after that they said that if I wanted the job, it was mine. I had a good feeling about it and about them so I said I would take it.

I start on Saturday. They are in the process of moving to County Cavan, about an hour from Dublin. I won’t move in with them until they move but this weekend I will start watching Daniel so his parents can pack. The town they are moving to has about 5000 people and seems very charming and tight-knit. I am so excited to be moving to a small town so I can get a taste of real Irish culture. The family told me there are 2 churches there, a library, and lots of outdoor stuff to do.

On another note, I have been staying with some new friends at their flat in Dublin. Technically only 3 people live here (2 Mexicans and 1 Brazilian), but there are usually 3 other Mexican girls here non-stop. So I have been hearing Spanish non-stop and eating Mexican food with them and it has been so great.  I never, ever expected to meet Mexicans here in Ireland but there are actually quite a lot here. Before I came, I had this weird feeling that I would still be able to use my Spanish here, even though it sounded crazy and I had no idea how. But now I know! I am so glad to have made these friends and glad that they have made me feel at home here in Dublin. I was thinking about how weird it is that I am staying with people I barely just met, but they understand my situation because they were living it themselves a few months ago. I hope that soon I will know how to offer the same hospitality to others as they have offered to me.

Thanks for all of your prayers and encouragement. God is good and faithful and gives me more than I deserve and need.

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  1. gioia says:

    so happy for you!

  2. Angela says:

    Ahhhh Emily I am so happy for you! AHHH I am dying 🙂 SO SO SO GREAT. Praying for you!

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