Winter Continues in Dublin


Yes, that’s right. The highs are still only in the 40s and there has been lots of rain (at least I’m getting good use out of my rain boots!) Do you ever get so tired of something that you just want to chuck it out the window? That’s how I feel about my winter coats right now.

Other than the weather, things are good here. I really like my job. KC has had the last few weeks off of school and I feel bad for her because the weather hasn’t allowed for us to play outside much. Instead, we color a lot, read Dora the Explorer stories, and sometimes she makes me pretend I’m a horse so I will crawl around the house with her on my back. KC’s mom, Carin, makes lunch for me every day to eat while I’m here, and it’s usually a delicious Filipino dish. She is so nice to me!

This is KC:


Happy First Day of May! Hopefully yours is warmer than mine 😉

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  1. amcblog says:

    I don’t blame you, Emily. I would tire of winter as well. But I was enchanted with Ireland during our brief stay and I pray God will enlighten – and warm you – to his love for you.

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