A couple of Saturdays ago, I went to Belfast for the day and the bus ride was a quick 2 hours from Dublin. Call me ignorant, but 8 months ago I had no idea that the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland were 2 different countries. Northern Ireland belongs to the UK. However, you need no passport to travel between the two countries, and the “border” is unmarked and has no border crossing. The only differences I noticed between the two countries are the accents, the taxis (N.I. has the sweet taxis like London) and the fact that N.I. uses the pound as its currency, and the Republic uses the Euro.

The main reason why we traveled to Belfast was to see the new Titanic Museum (the Titanic was constructed in Belfast). With all of the advertising and hype surrounding the museum, I was expecting more, but it was still enjoyable and I learned a lot. Belfast itself was a strange city. After we left the museum, we had to walk through the whole city back to the bus station around 7 PM. The city was eerily quiet, and the only people out were really crazy teenagers, in pockets around the city. This was on a Saturday night! I did really enjoy the city’s architecture and an indoor market we stumbled upon that had all sorts of food and clothing vendors. It reminded me of Austin!

It wasn’t my favorite, but I’m glad I experienced Belfast. Here are some pictures:

City Hall

Old architecture…

…and new architecture

Don’t let the sun fool you, it was cold!

This building was sweet, inside and out!

Titanic Museum

Titanic Museum (with my travel companion, Carlos)

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