Summer in Dublin

Dublin has been in a heatwave the past week, and I cannot explain how refreshing this week has been to my body and soul. When the weather warms up, EVERYONE heads outside. The parks are packed. Ice cream stores are packed. People wear shorts and tank tops and sometimes even their bathing suits to sunbathe in the park. Dublin seems like an entirely different city when it’s warm and sunny. If it was like this all the time, I would never, ever consider living anywhere else. Even still, I love Dublin and am wondering if the little bit of warm weather every year makes suffering the rest of the year worth it? I haven’t decided yet.

Some highlights from the week:

-Sunbathing in the park on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

-Getting sunburned (normally this would be negative, but I was thrilled)

-Bringing a picnic to the Dublin City Soul Festival in the lovely Merrion Square

-Walking to dinner at a friend’s house Saturday night and seeing lots of new places in Dublin. He lives 5 km away, but we couldn’t justify spending money on a bus when the weather was so perfect!

-Having my conversation classes at outdoor cafes

-Wearing shorts

I’m praying this weather lasts a bit longer, but am so thankful for the time it’s lasted!


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