Happy 5 months, Dublin


I can’t believe it was 5 months ago today that the bus from the airport dropped me off on O’Connell street in the cold, and I walked to my hostel alone, backpack and suitcase in hand, not knowing a soul in Dublin. It didn’t take me long to find a job and move to the countryside, and it also didn’t take me long to realize how much I wanted to be back in Dublin. So back I came.

If you go on a tour of Europe and see Paris, Rome, London, and Dublin, you would probably find Dublin less than impressive. I’ve been to those places, and I have to admit, I was less than impressed. Dublin’s more like a large town disguised as a country’s capital. It doesn’t have a famous landmark that the whole world knows about, and, let’s be real, its weather leaves much to be desired.

But Dublin, I have fallen in love with your buildings, your friendly (and sometimes strange) people, your mix of all things Irish with people from all continents, your rare sunny days that make everything come alive, your colorful doors, your beautiful parks, your bookstores, your outdoor markets, and SO MUCH MORE.

Thanks for letting me get to know you and here’s to 5 more happy months!

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