Saltillo, Mexico Part 2

Saturday in Mexico was probably my favorite day. We woke up early, got in Carlos’ car and hit the road. We drove about 2 hours west to Parras, a pretty little town that I can’t properly pronounce because I can’t roll my r’s :(. Carlos’ dad’s family is from there, so he has spent quite a lot of town there during his life. First we ate lunch at a resort on the outskirts of town called Rincon del Montero. The first time I had chilaquiles was at the Biola caf, and honestly I thought they were something Biola invented. They’re not! Carlos made them for me in Ireland several times and got me hooked. All of that is to say we ordered them at el Rincon del Montero and they were so, so delicious (Biola caf, please stop trying). After we ate we drove into Parras and walked up to the top of a hill that overlooks the whole town. There was a beautiful church on top as well, and the sun was out and the weather was perfect.

After we walked down we drove back into town and got ice cream and ate it in one the plazas. This ice cream was DELICIOUS, and the store had been open for years and years. After that we walked around town for a while, and bought quiote (it’s pictured below). You chew it, get all the juice out, and then spit it out. I’m not entirely sure, but I think it’s the inside of a prickly pear plant?

On our way out of Parras, we stopped at Casa Madero winery. We got there at the end of the day and just walked through the grounds with one of the security guards. I enjoyed seeing the huge barrels where they store the wine-it smelled so good in those rooms! Casa Madero was so beautiful and Carlos kept seeing how beautiful it is there in the Spring. That just means I have to go back!

We drove back to Saltillo, rested for a bit, and then got ready for the evening. We met some of Carlos’ friends at his friend Marcelo’s house, ate more tamales and drank more clamatos there, watched a movie, and just hung out until pretty late. I was actually nervous about this beforehand because I didn’t know how my Spanish would hold up, but I did fine (praise the Lord) and felt like I was able to be myself, just my Spanish-speaking self!  One of Carlos’ friends, Rosy, had come to visit him in while we were in Ireland, and I got to see her again, which was great. I went to bed on Saturday night thinking that there will probably never be a place I like more than Mexico, and never be a person I like more than Carlos.





















P.S. I’ll be back with the last part tomorrow, and in case you missed part one, here it is!

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