Saltillo, Mexico Part 3

Do you ever get back from a trip, start looking through your pictures, and then realize you took a whole bunch of pictures on 1 or 2 days, and hardly any on others? I always seem to do that, and this trip to Mexico was no exception. That means I don’t have a lot of pictures to share for this final part, just my words! You can read about the first two parts of my trip here and here.

On Sunday we slept in, then got up and ate breakfast and went to church with Carlos’ dad. After that we went home, rested for a while, and then got ready. At about 4 we went to lunch (normally I’m about to eat dinner at this time…but it’s amazing how your body adjusts! I was feeling just fine to eat lunch at 4 PM). We went to a restaurant that was having a special enchilada festival. Carlos had gone there a few weeks before with his family, and he told me all about it and sent me pictures of his food. He told me he would take me there when I came, and he did. I got the Enchiladas Suizas with horchata to drink, and this was another delicious meal (or maybe my taste buds are just partial to Mexican food?)

After lunch we went to the mall. We walked around for a while, and then we decided to see a movie. We still had some time before, so we went to an arcade to play a few games. Just typing this, I remembered (and cracked up) that when we were playing air hockey, Carlos had one wild shot and the puck flew WAY off the table, feet and feet away. He’s lucky he didn’t hit any children. I’m still bitter that Carlos (barely) beat me in basketball, and I had to buy the snacks for the movie :(.  We saw Hansel and Gretel, and I really liked it, despite the fact that it was way more gruesome than I was expecting. Carlos and I have been lucky to see a lot of really cool places together, but there is honestly nothing I like more than walking around the mall with him and sitting next to him at the movies.

After our movie finished, we went home and watched the end of the Super Bowl with Carlos’ dad, and it was interesting and comical to listen to the commentary in Spanish. Did you know that Mexicans all have Super Bowl parties too? After laying around for a while, we decided to watch Taken 2. We were both falling asleep by the end of it, so we actually didn’t finish it, and this reminds me that I still need to watch the ending. I don’t know what it is about both of the Taken movies that is so irresistible!

Monday we got up, ate breakfast, and then started getting ready for lunch. Carlos’ family wanted to have a BBQ with me, so we started setting everything up on their balcony on the second floor. While we waited for the food to cook, we drank clamatos and ate chips in the most perfect weather. One thing I love about Mexicans is their ability to just be. We probably didn’t start eating until 4 or 5, but we sat outside for hours before, getting everything ready at a leisurely pace and just talking and enjoying the company. Then we ate carne asada and sausages (that Carlos cooked-good job!),  guacamole, tortillas, jalapenos stuffed with ham and cheese, and potatoes and vegetables cooked on the grill. This meal was, once again, delicious, and I laughed because Mexicans know how to turn anything into a taco. I mean, if you have tortillas and things to stuff inside, why not?

After lunch we got ready and drove around Saltillo one more time and just hung out. We got a little bit hungry later and decided to split a taco from a restaurant. The taco was with barbacoa and called the “gringa” (how fitting!) We got it to go and ate it in Carlos’ kitchen, and I had one of those “Am I really sitting in the kitchen of my Mexican boyfriend’s house eating a taco with him?” moments, because I am still in awe that Carlos and I even met. Sometimes life is just so wonderful and funny and good.

On Tuesday morning, Carlos’ mom made chilaquiles and it was a bittersweet last meal with their family. We unfortunately couldn’t linger too long at the table because Carlos had to drop me off at the bus station at 11 to make it back to Monterrey for my flight. I  said good-bye to Carlos’ family with such a full heart. Not that I expected any different, but Carlos’ family was so kind and welcoming to me (just like Carlos has always been). They were patient with me and my Spanish and taught me lots of new words and phrases which made all of us laugh. They made me feel right at home my entire stay, and I was so thankful.

Then of course, there was saying good-bye to Carlos, which is always terrible. Long-distance relationships suck, but they make the time we do have together now very special, and I treasure these moments because they are all I have when we are apart. The main reason I wanted to write about my trip is so we can look back later on these memories! I hope you enjoyed reading about my time in Mexico as much I enjoyed writing about it and….thanks Carlos for everything!! We’re waiting for you here in Texas.




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