Carlos Comes to Texas (again), Day 1


The airline that we use between San Antonio and Monterrey is cheap, but that means it’s almost always delayed. I left for the airport with just enough time, but not much extra, expecting it would be delayed. When Carlos texted me saying his flight was on time as I was driving, I started to panic because I thought I might be late. Also, because I was expecting the flight to be delayed, I was planning on doing my make-up at the airport, haha. Thankfully I got there on time though, threw on some mascara, and even had 10 minutes to ask the airport worker if Carlos’ flight had arrived because it wasn’t showing on the board, check with the first Mexican that came out of customs if they were coming from Monterrey, and nervously pace around the waiting area.

Only a small part of San Antonio’s airport is devoted to International Arrivals, and usually it’s only one flight at a time that’s arriving. All of the arrivals come out of one door, a sliding automatic door, and it’s impossible to see what’s going on behind the door. It’s weird how so many neurotic thoughts go through your head when you are waiting for the door to open and Carlos to come out: “what if immigration won’t let him pass? what if he comes out through a different door this time and we can’t find each other? do I look okay? I knew I should have worn something else,” blah, blah blah. Then, somehow, all of those thoughts go away when the doors open and this time, it’s not just any other Mexican coming from Monterrey-it’s your Mexican, the only one that matters. YAY!

Since Ireland, Carlos and I have had 3 visits together. The first few minutes of every visit have been so funny because we have both been so nervous! Not like “Oh my gosh, what are we supposed to talk about?” nervous, but “Oh my gosh, we’re together again, what do we talk about first?” nervous. If that makes no sense, I’m sorry. As we left the airport and the nervousness began to subside, we decided to go to Five Guys for dinner, where we had our first meal in December after I picked Carlos up from the airport. There’s nothing like saying “Welcome to American” than burgers and fries, right?!

After we ate, we drove back to Round Rock, and my parents greeted us at home. Then, I think we talked about doing a lot of different things, but actually we didn’t do anything except talk for the rest of the night, reminding me that it’s not what you’re doing that matters, it’s who you’re with.


I’ll talk about the rest of Carlos’ visit and what we did together soon!

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  1. gioia says:

    Emily! That airport experience sounds so familiar..!

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