Carlos Comes to Texas (again), Days 2 & 3


When Carlos came in December, it was literally the coldest week of the year. That being said, we didn’t do much outdoors or anything “Austin-y.” This trip, I was determined to take him to some Austin landmarks, and we started on Tuesday, his second day there. After breakfast at home,Β  we drove down to the drag and walked around. We went into some stores, but mostly just walked around and then got slurpees from 7-11 (Carlos’ first ever!) After that we drove to the capitol, parked, and sat in the park area outside in the perfect weather and watched squirrels. We explored inside also and took a lot of pictures. The capitol is one of those places that I hardly ever go to (because I know that I always can go), but I really do love it. After that, we killed a few minutes in Target and then went to meet my friends Travis and Caleb at a delicious new restaurant in Austin, Ramen Tatsu-Ya. I was also really glad this trip that Carlos had the opportunity to meet more of my friends, and that everyone seemed to like each other πŸ™‚

Random aside: whenever I’m with Carlos, my eating schedule always gets super thrown off! Ramen Tatsu-Ya was technically our lunch (at 7 pm, really?), so when we got home later we went to buy Blue Bell at CVS and had that for dinner.

Here are some photos from our Tuesday:









Wednesday we woke up, ate breakfast, and then…stayed in our pajamas until 6 pm, whoohoo! We did, however, set up our ping-pong table in the garage and play for hours and hours. After we ordered pizza for dinner, we decided to go dancing. I wanted to take Carlos “2-stepping” while he was here, because he likes to dance and I knew he would enjoy observing the culture that is country dancing. I originally planned on taking him to the Broken Spoke, but we were running late to make it to their free dancing lessons, and I also thought it might be crazy being SXSW week. AND, who can pass up an opportunity to go to Graham’s Central Station on Ladies’ Night?! (please note my sarcasm). I don’t really know how to describe Graham’s other than by their motto, which is “6 amazing night clubs under one roof.” It is basically the opposite of quirky or unique or different (normally those kinds of places attract me), but sometimes, a place like Graham’s can just be fun, if you don’t take it too seriously. We went there, and stayed mostly in the country part, and it was so much fun. Carlos learned how to 2-step, and we also somewhat learned together how to 1-step. And, because there are “6 amazing night clubs under one roof,” we also danced to pop music and listened to karaoke when the country got a little boring.

I didn’t take any photos at Graham’s, but just picture Carlos and I both wearing boots, cowboy hats, Wrangler jeans, and huge belt buckles. Just kidding, I convinced Carlos not to πŸ˜‰

That’s all from our 2nd and 3rd days together. Thanks for reading and I’ll write soon about the rest of our time together!

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  1. Meagan says:

    I love these Emily πŸ˜€

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