Carlos comes to Texas (again), Days 4 & 5


Thursday of Carlos’ visit started with me babysitting for a few hours (I had a recurring job that I couldn’t get out of), so my mom offered to take Carlos to eat a BBQ lunch at Rudy’s (thanks Mom!). After I got home in the early afternoon, Carlos and I rested for a bit and talked about what we wanted to do. We tried to meet an Irish friend that was in town for SXSW (it’s a small world!), but our schedules just were not matching up. Carlos wanted to go to the outlet mall at some point while he was here, so we decided to go then. After that, because it was my uncle Alan’s birthday that evening, my aunt invited everyone over for burgers and hot dogs. We stayed there for several hours just eating and talking and laughing, and Carlos got to meet a lot more of my extended family.

Friday morning we woke up, got ready, and drove to Hilary’s house (yay for it being her Spring Break!). We ate lunch at Hilary’s and then carpooled over to the hiking area in Leander. Her 2 brothers, 2 friends from school, and her cousin and his wife came along too. It was around Thanksgiving when I first heard Marc and Bonnie talking about this place where you could hike and see Dinosaur tracks (in Central Texas?!) The hike didn’t happen then, so when I found out that we were going to the dinosaur place on this particular Friday, I was really excited. The “hike” was actually more like a walk through a dried up creek bed, but it was pretty nonetheless, and something different for sure. When we actually got to the dinosaur tracks, I must say that they actually did look like dinosaur tracks (though none of us were archaeologists or fossil experts) There were also supposed to be wagon tracks in the creek bed, but we never found those.

As we were leaving the hiking place, we realized we had just enough time to make it to Sonic before Happy Hour ended (that’s always a wonderful realization!) Not that I expected any different, but it made me so happy to see everyone being so welcoming to Carlos, and to see Carlos bond with Hilary’s brothers over their love of FIFA and all things soccer.

When Carlos and I got back home, we rested, got ready, and then went to Chipotle for dinner. Friday’s weather was absolutely beautiful. It was really warm when we were hiking, and cooled off to the perfect temperature for us to eat outside at Chipotle. Before we went to see Argo, we killed some time at Best Buy (can you guess whose idea that was?). Both of us had wanted to see Argo really badly, and even more since it won Best Picture. It was so, so good and the perfect end to a fun day.

Here are some photos from Thursday and Friday. I’ll post about our last 3 days together soon! 🙂



IMG_1279 IMG_1284

IMG_1280  IMG_1282


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