Playa del Carmen, day 3

Today was really good. I survived my first 40 minute lesson and though I have lots of things to improve on, I’m also doing a lot of things well. I knew that the hardest part for me would be just getting in front of a class and being confident, and thankfully that part has come a little easier than I expected. It helps having really motivated, concentrated students. They are so eager to learn, but also so gracious.

I also think I’m gonna start making lunchtime walks an everyday occurrence. I went on another one today!


This evening I took my clothes to a laundromat to get washed, went to Wal-mart to get a few things I couldn’t carry the other day, and worked out. It’s been raining on and off the whole day, but the weather is supposed to clear up soon. I had to walk to school again this morning in water a few inches past my ankles.

Tomorrow I DON’T have to teach!

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