End of week 1 in Playa


My first week of class flew by! I’ve taught 3 times now, and as a whole, I’m doing fine. Yesterday when I taught, my peers said I looked relaxed. Emily, relaxed while she’s public speaking? That has got to be a first!

When I got back to my room last night about 6, I was absolutely exhausted: from the heat, from walking, from thinking, from talking. I still summoned up the strength to find a taco restaurant for dinner as my treat to finishing the week, and ordered a gringa and michelada.

This morning I got up and walked about 20 minutes to a beach I had heard about on the North side of town. It was so nice to finally go swimming! After lunch and a trip to wal-mart for more groceries, I went swimming again, at the main beach in town. I promised myself that unless it’s pouring rain, I will go to the beach at least once a day. I have to make the most of it these next 3 weeks!


Here are some pictures from the past few days:





Food-most of this was made by the cook at my school, Yvonne. She’s amazing!





Probably my favorite part about staying at the residence



My classroom



One of the main plazas in Playa has this huge pole, and today there were 5 guys sitting at the top, playing instruments, in matching costumes. ???


Around Playa




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