Playa del Carmen, days 7 & 8


After a relaxing Sunday, it was back to class today. This week is apparently the most intense, and I am struggling to keep everything organized in my head! Physically I am also starting to feel beat down. I was walking around most of the day today feeling like I got hit by a truck, but I drank some electrolytes so hopefully that helps. The good thing about this course is that even though it’s really intense, it will all be over really soon. I can do anything for 4 weeks, right?

The best part about today was when the director of International House (my school) in all of Mexico came to talk to our class about employment. He said we would be “highly employable” when we finish our course. I think that’s the only time anyone’s ever said that to me-definitely no one told me that when I graduated with my degree in Intercultural Studies from Biola 😀 It really got me thinking about what I want to do after this course. I already have long-term goals, and the short-term goals are (maybe) starting to come together.

Here are some pics from yesterday and today:

Agua de pina


I went to church yesterday, right across the street from my residence. It was a Catholic mass and I really enjoyed it.



My daily beach time today


I treated myself to Starbucks yesterday. It’s an ever bigger rip-off here than at home, but I needed to go somewhere with wi-fi, and sometimes Starbucks is just really comforting (it’s pretty easy to identify American tourists here-they’re usually carrying a Starbucks cup!)


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