My weekend in Playa


My weekend has been wonderfully relaxing. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much free time I’ve had. Granted, I am still REALLY busy during the week and had to do an assignment today, but the workload is manageable.

Here are some pics from the weekend:

After class on Friday, I found a post office to buy a stamp. I really like Servicio Postal Mexicano’s color scheme-pink and green!


A government building in Playa


I found the prettiest beach on Saturday, called Playacar…


…and I wished I was staying in one of these little houses….


…or in this ocean-front palace.


Beach time! I’ve taken my fair share of selfies this trip, but who wants to ask a stranger to take a picture of you in a swimsuit? Not me, no gracias.


I’m falling more in love with this country


Playa-Cozumel ferry


After my beach time, I walked away from the tourist area and found this restaurant to eat at…


Cocina Diana Maritza! It was delicious.


I got bistec a la mexicana and a huge glass of agua de horchata for 40 pesos (that’s a little more than $3). You never know what you’re gonna find off the beaten (tourist) path, and I think that’s all the more reason to look.


I’m still a tourist though, because today I went back to Starbuck’s to do my homework…and spent 14 pesos more on a chai latte than all of the food (and unpictured drink) in the above picture 😦


My homework-grammar is so complicated but fascinating!


After Starbuck’s I ate lunch at Yo Amo Tacos. It doesn’t happen often, but if I ever eat by myself at home in Texas, I feel really awkward. Whenever I’m traveling, I love it. Maybe it’s knowing that there’s no possibility you’ll see anyone you know? Or even if people think you’re weird/socially awkward, there’s practically a 0% chance you’ll ever see them again anyway?


I ordered quesadillas (and a clamato to drink), which came with french fries, which was kinda weird. But they were good, and so was the ketchup!


Not pictured this weekend:

-Skyping with my sister

-Watching Mexico lose to Italy…poor guys!

-Church, the same one as last week.  It took me about half the service last week to realize the choir was seated in the balcony, which I had no view of. Today I sat in the balcony and felt more in-the-loop.

-Watching 2 Spanish chick-flicks

-Getting asked at least 20 times if I want a massage. “Senorita, masaje?” Apparently getting an ocean-view massage is the thing to do in Playa.

Oh, and Happy Father’s Day!!

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