I was 12 when I went to Mexico for the first time-just across the border to Piedras Negras. I went again when I was 13, further inland this time, to Tampico. I liked both of those trips very much, but it wasn’t until I was 14 and in Tampico again that Mexico stole my heart….

New Orleans

Last week my family and I drove to New Orleans for my cousin Kristen’s wedding. When we weren’t at the wedding festivities,  we explored New Orleans-it was my first time in the French Quarter! Our hotel was in a prime location that made it easy for us to walk to all we wanted to see….

An atypical life

I’m still thinking a lot about my next move. This past week I started reading this book that my sister just bought and then let me borrow when it interested me (she’s nice like that). Its tagline is “Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World.” While obviously that shouldn’t be my life’s goal,…

Discerning God’s will

I’m in the process of making a big decision-choosing where to spend the next season of my life. As a Christian, I have always tried to make sure I am following “God’s will” when I make a big decision, and I think it may actually be simpler than what I’ve made it out to be…

Life lately, in photos

My whole family isn’t together very often, but for the past 5 days we have been. Unfortunately, the together-ness ends when Laura leaves for camp tomorrow, but this week has been special nonetheless: Here are some photos: Shopping with Hannah Outdoor eating at Freebird’s We all drove to Houston to pick up Laura from the…