Carlos in Texas (summer edition)


Carlos left 2 weeks ago already, but better late than never, right?!

I already talked about going to New Orleans, but Carlos was also in Texas for 2 days before the trip and 5 days after (he was only supposed to stay for 3 days after, but the airline pushed his flight back 2 days and he didn’t have a choice in the matter-I’ll take it!)

This was Carlos’ third visit, and my favorite (I think his too). We had more time together, which helped us to relax and not feel so pressured to fit everything into a short window of time. He got to spend with and meet more of my family. We went to JumpStreet. We had dinner and played Mad Gab with 3 of my friends. We explored downtown.

I always end up doing things with Carlos that I don’t really do any other time-like going to the movies, walking around the mall, shooting baskets at the park, and playing random games (last visit, it was ping-pong. this visit, Chinese Checkers. I had literally never touched the Chinese Checkers set in our house until Carlos noticed it and wanted to play. We definitely played at least 50 times over the course of his visit…and I won’t mention who was the champ 😉 ) Basically, I like being with Carlos because I have fun with him no matter what we are doing.

This time, saying good-bye wasn’t too hard because the next time we see each other won’t have a good-bye at the end (I’m moving to Mexico!) In less than a month, the long-distance part of our relationship will be done, hopefully for forever. Thanks for coming, Carlos. I love you!

Here are some photos:

We goofed around at Wal-mart…


…and stayed cool by swimming.




Carlos was so excited that it was National Hot Dog Day at Sonic, that he got 2 🙂


The Monster Nachos at Freebird’s are delicious.


My Grandma had a birthday so we celebrated with my family.


We watched the sunset at Mt. Bonnell.



It cooled off just enough to enjoy drinks at this rooftop bar downtown.



This was the first time Hannah and Carlos saw each other since our trip to Norway last year. It makes when people I love are in the same place.


This is my boy.






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  1. Meagan says:

    I’m so excited for you Emily!!

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