Mexico updates

I can’t believe I’ve been her for almost 2 weeks already! Here’s what’s been going on:


I had 3 interviews last week. The first isn’t worth mentioning,. The second went well but the school has only hired one foreigner before, and though they said they would check on what they had to do to get me a work permit, they haven’t gotten back to me. The third interview was on Saturday and it was also good. It’s a holiday weekend through today, so the guy who interviewed me is talking to his director on Tuesday morning and will get back to me after. He said it was probable  I could begin training this week because they need teachers. This school also hires a lot of foreigners and will pay for all of the costs with my visa. I think I would love working at this school so I’m hoping for the best!


My new house is so cozy! I have my own room and share a bathroom with Rosy. Speaking of Rosy, she is so nice. The day I moved in, she painted me a sign that said “Bienvenida Emily.” 🙂

No houses here have heating or air conditioning. I mentioned in my last Mexico update that Saltillo was experiencing a cold front, but no, it’s normal weather for September. That means the house is a little cold, but it’s nothing house shoes and a sweatshirt can’t fix. The shower also has lots of hot water!



I’m slowly learning my way around the city. On Thursday I decided to be adventurous and drove myself to Starbuck’s and then the mall. I was kinda shocked that I didn’t get lost, but I think I’m learning how to be more intuitive when I drive here because the street signs (when they have them) don’t mean much to me and exit signs and numbers off the highway are practically non-existent. So far I have just been going with my gut, and it’s been working!

It’s rained almost every day since I’ve gotten here, which Carlos says is normal for September.

I live really near HEB and think I’ve made about 4 trips in the past week. Though of course a lot of products are different, there is a surprising amount of overlap between Texas and Mexico HEBs. It’s a comforting feeling to see the same brand of something you buy at home! Carlos and his mom also told me about another market near me to buy my produce at because it’s a lot cheaper-I was so happy to buy fresh avocadoes and mangoes for the first time!

Mexican Parties

The past 2 weekends Carlos has taken me to get-togethers with his friends. Last weekend it was the backyard karaoke party with his co-workers, and this weekend it was the party with several of his old friends and their spouses celebrating Mexican independence day. We ate mole, pozole, burritos, and a Mexican casserole. After that the host brought out his guitar and we spent the next 2 or 3 hours singing whatever song someone suggested. I didn’t know most of them, but I sang the ones I did know. Last night, Carlos’ friend Franco and his wife came over to Carlos’ house to eat pizza with us and watch La Voz Mexico. I’ve also been doing fine with Spanish. Yes, it’s been overwhelming at times, but overall I’ve felt like I’ve been able to be myself around everyone and just let things flow. I’ve also made a few people laugh when I bust out the Mexican slang I know 😉


Carlos and His Family

Carlos has been so helpful, teaching me how to drive places, going with me to 2 interviews, feeding me, and taking the tint off of my car windows because it’s safer (who knew you could do that by hand? see photo below!).

I love that boy. After 340 days of a long-distance relationship, there is really nothing like meeting him for a movie at the cinema in between our houses, going on runs around the plaza by his house, or finally eating chilaquiles at the restaurant he’s been telling me about for months. On Saturday we celebrated 20 months of being together. I’m very thankful to have him, and I like him more every day!

And I can’t talk about Carlos without talking about his family. Carlos had to work when I had my first interview, so his parents not only went with me, but drove me in their car when I said I was a little nervous to drive so soon. They also took me to 2 stores on the way home after I asked them where was the best place to buy a hair dryer. After all that, Carlos’ sister ended up giving me a hair dryer she doesn’t use anymore.  His mom has invited me over for several delicious Mexican meals and given me food to take home. Carlos’ sister teaches classes at her psychology/counseling practice, and she invited me to her class on Saturday and made sure to explain things so I would understand. I’m struggling to know how to repay them!


Here are some photos to end:

Carlos hard at work


Sweet boy



You better believe I made a special trip to Wal-mart for peanut butter


Saltillo skies



(just half of) The salsa aisle at HEB




I finally got to meet Carlos’ friend Franco


Taking the tint off my windows-I owe him!


My Mexican SIM card


Carlos and chilaquiles-2 of my faves


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