I turned 25 on Monday! Carlos told me on Saturday that he would pick me up at 5 on Sunday to take me on a birthday date. When he got to my house, he completely vetoed the outfit I was wearing, and then proceeded to look through my closet and chose a dress for me to wear. Weird, but whatever. He knew where we were going and I didn’t, so I changed into the dress. Then he told me his mom was having a get-together at their house and needed us to buy some napkins and bring them by before we went on the date. Carlos bought some napkins and sodas at Oxxo and when we got to his house, I helped him bring the stuff inside. I noticed the lights were turned off in the living room except for a candle, and I thought, “Oh how nice, his family surprised me with a cake!” Carlos told me to open the living room doors and then surprise! About 10 of our friends were there singing happy birthday to me in Spanish with a cake my friends Franco and Maluzz had brought. I seem to have these moments a lot, but I found myself thinking, “how is this my life?” I was so happy! Carlos told me he wanted me to look extra nice so that’s why he asked me to put on the dress…that was really thoughtful of him! More people showed up after the surprise, and I kept thinking, why did so many people come when most of them barely know me? But for some reason, these people want to be my friend 🙂 Literally everyone I’ve met here in Saltillo have been NOTHING but welcoming and kind. Carlos’ mom made all of the food for the party, and also bought me another cake made with Bailey’s Irish Cream (she knows how much I love that stuff!). All in all, it was a great night and I left with a really full heart.

I started job training on Monday, and Carlos’ mom invited me for lunch afterward so I wouldn’t have to be alone. As if the night before wasn’t enough! But I gladly accepted, got to see Carlos for a few minutes before he left for work, and then had lunch with his parents and sister. They sent me home with lots of leftovers and more cake. I felt so loved. I went home for a couple of hours, and then met Carlos (he got off work early). He took me to dinner at a restaurant I requested with all kinds of seafood tacos. Then we went to see the Mexican movie, No Se Aceptan Devoluciones. Before the movie we walked around a shopping center and I was so happy because there was a Dairy Queen and I got to order a Reese’s blizzard. All in all, it was a wonderful couple of days and I’m so thankful for all Carlos, his family, and my growing group of friends did for me. God is really good to me.

Here are some pics:

. IMG_4691 IMG_4692 IMG_4693 IMG_4694   IMG_4699  IMG_4701    IMG_4705 IMG_2521   IMG_4709   IMG_2524IMG_4698


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