Life lately, in photos

All last week I had training for my new job, and they told me yesterday my first 2 classes will be TONIGHT!! Next week, I’ll have a full schedule. The training was helpful, and I’m actually somewhat excited to teach my first class. Any feeling other than wanting to throw up, I’ll take.

Here’s what I’ve been doing when I haven’t been working:

This is the parking lot of my school, and it looks especially nice during sunset.


One night I had an intense craving for a McDonald’s hamburger, so I decided to indulge. I think it was more a craving for familiarity, seeing as how I hadn’t eaten a McDonald’s hamburger in at least 5 years, but whatever, it tasted good.


Carlos let me be his assistant at a photo shoot he did for a 3-month old girl named Ivanna. It was so much fun!


My roommate invited me out for drinks with 2 of her friends and, of course, I had to get a clamato.


Last week, the police pulled me over for having my back window tinted. Whoops. THANK GOD Carlos and his mom and sister were with me, and Carlos promised them we would take the tint off (see photo below) so they didn’t give me a ticket or anything. Apparently the police stop you for tinted windows because you might be a drug lord, and drug lords stop you for having tinted windows because you might be another drug lord. #mexicoprobs


Carlos’ friend had a black and white- themed party for his anniversary. There was a live band and karaoke machine, burritos, and jello shots (haha!). Carlos told me I was Mexican because the two of us danced to Norteña and banda music 😀

Rosy and I had a Starbuck’s date last night, and they spelled my name Mexican-style.


I can see the mountains when I leave my neighborhood.


This is the restaurant with the best chilaquiles. Yesterday I went by myself and felt really loved because the woman that served me kept calling me “mijita.”


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