On relationships


One thing I wasn’t expecting from this current relationship of mine was how much it would scare me. It’s serious, and with that comes the realization that he will either be mine forever-my husband-or nothing. Nothing at all.

There are times (most of the time, actually) when you can taste the future, the rest of your lives together-it’s so close and both of you are so happy together. You feel like no matter what happens, you will face it together because you love each other. But there are other times when everything is falling apart, and you know a lot of it is your fault but you feel powerless to stop it. And even if you could, you don’t know how. And you wonder-is it just a season? Will we come out of it? Or instead of the happy times, would this mess be the rest of our lives?

That is the question now. Do we keep going, hoping and praying that our lives together would be with our happiest, best selves and that this season will pass? Or do we give up, because as much as we want to make it work, maybe we just can’t understand each other?

Love is unconditional. It understands. It never, ever fails. So if we give up, was it not really love? That is what scares me the most.

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  1. Rachel M says:

    Love you Em. Praying for your attentiveness to the Spirit’s guidance & steadfastness through this.Whatever happens, this season will be one of growth towards the Lord if you press into Him.

  2. Natassja says:

    Gosh, sometimes it shocks me how much we think alike! Most of the time I read your blog I think: “Tha’s what I’m going through!”. Thanks for words! God bless you!

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