Life Lately, in Photos

I feel really comfortable here. The first example of that is that I’ve hated public speaking for as long as I can remember, and I’m now doing it on a daily basis for my job and don’t think twice about it. I actually kind of like it because the Mexicans I teach have a way of putting me at ease. The second thing is that I’ve been to at least 4 parties with karaoke since moving here, and I have sang. As in, I’ve taken the mic and sang in public (and usually in Spanish!). Used to, any other type of public singing that wasn’t in church scared me more than public speaking. But I mean really, if you’re at a party and “La Camisa Negra” by Juanes comes on and you’ve been listening to that song since you were 15, then of course you have to sing (Hilary, I know you would be proud).

And then there is God. It’s impossible to think about my current circumstances without seeing examples of Him working out everything for His good and seeing His perfect timing. Every adventure I have taken has left me in awe of His character, and this Mexican one is no different. That’s not to say there aren’t times when I doubt and don’t trust Him and think I’m doing just fine alone, because there always are. But any experience that leaves me more in awe of God and more motivated to share what He has done for me, is a good experience in my opinion.

Here are some photos from lately, if you want to see:

Just look at that sunset!


Karaoke with Rosy


I left work the other night and there was a fashion show in the parking lot…


Celebration lunch with our students from Piedras Negras


My work visa is in process and hopefully will be ready by Christmas


The (only?) frozen yogurt place in Saltillo is in the same plaza as my school


A birthday party with Carlitos


I went to Chili’s with some of my co-workers and it was so comforting, despite the face I loathe eating at Chili’s at home


Current Mexican food obsession: gorditas (bean and cheese are my favorite kind)


Rosy’s brother is a musician, so we went on a double date with her and her boyfriend to listen to him play jazz music


Birthday cake and pie for Carlos’ dad


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