The Lees meet the Garcias

Carlos and I have been talking for months and months about how funny it would be whenever our families got to meet each other for the first time. Although his dad speaks good English, my dad and sisters speak limited Spanish (and vice versa for Carlos’ sister, Gloria) and our mothers speak nothing of the other language. When my family decided a few weeks ago they would come here for Christmas, we knew it was finally going to happen!

On Monday night, we all met at one of my favorite restaurants in Saltillo, El Principal. And even though I was nervous about how everyone would get along and understand each other, things went perfectly.  Our sisters were chatting and laughing, our dads talked the whole dinner about things they both enjoyed, and our moms were having a conversation through Carlos’ interpreting. Perhaps the happiest moment of the dinner was when Carlos told me how ironic it was that 11 months earlier I had been sitting in the same restaurant, having my first dinner out with the Garcia family, on my very first visit to Saltillo. None of us could have ever predicted the scene that unfolded on Monday!

I’m very, very thankful. For my family coming and getting to see the way the Garcia’s have welcomed me into their family. And I know it sounds cheesy, but I’m thankful for the way smiles and hugs and laughs know no language barrier. I’m thankful that after Monday night’s meeting, Carlos’ mom invited all of us over to eat tamales on Christmas Eve, and then again for leftovers on Christmas Eve morning. I’m thankful that through lots and lots of changes, Carlos and I have stayed together, and that I love him more than ever now. I’m mostly thankful for God, though, who always reminds me of His impeccable timing and limitless grace, even in seemingly trivial matters, like the Lees meeting the Garcias.

IMG_2978 IMG_2979

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