Life Lately, in Photos


Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

I went with Carlos’ mom to a retreat during Lent at a monastery with a beautiful garden.

IMG_3420 IMG_3419

Sometimes I help Carlos at his photo shoots.


I teach English 2 mornings a week to my friend Pau, and we’ve been having class in her backyard because the weather is always perfect at that time. Some day I want to take a nap in her hammock.

IMG_3501 IMG_3503

I try to go to as many classes as I can at my gym, and my favorite is the “Ritmos Latinos” dance class. It’s kind of like Zumba, and the (male) instructor really likes ending songs by doing the splits.


I went to my first baby shower and we ate sandwichon (pictured below), and basically laughed for 2 hours straight over snacks and baby bingo. No offense to anyone, but I really can never remember having fun at an American baby shower. Just another thing I love about Mexico!


It’s tradition here for people to buy ramos for Palm Sunday, so I did too.


This is where I go to church-isn’t it beautiful?


Carlos and I had another bowling night with our friends.


Pau and I went out for sushi-my first time having it in Mexico!


My roommate, Rosy, invited to eat lunch with her mom and grandparents on Good Friday. Her mom made the most delicious fish!


Aww, a little Herbie I parked next to at HEB.


I went out with Rosy and some of her friends to this “country” bar/dance place with a live band. Mexico has lots of cowboys too!


I met Ana at work, and she’s so sweet. She also lived in Arkansas for a long time so she has a southern accent when she speaks English, which I love. We went out for sushi/Chinese food, too.


My first raspado of the year, guava-flavored.



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