Americans, please stop stereotyping Mexicans


Before I begin, stereotyping and making generalizations are things probably most humans do, regardless of their nationality. But I am sick and tired of hearing misinformed, or just plain ignorant, Americans, no matter how well-meaning they may be, make generalizations about Mexicans.

Yes, it is unfortunate that there are Mexicans living and working illegally in the United States, taking advantage of services that they aren’t paying taxes for. I have no idea about percentages, but if I had to guess, I’d say that it is a very small percentage of Mexicans doing that.

There are plenty of Mexicans working hard in Mexico, living in comfortable houses and making salaries sufficient enough to support their families. Not to mentions, there are many making enough money to travel, study, and make a life abroad legally. I personally know (and these are just a few of the examples) Mexicans that have worked in Washington DC, done postgraduate work in Germany, and studied English in Ireland-all legally. I also know countless Mexicans that speak not only fluent English, but other languages as well.

And yes, there are lots of bad things that have happened to Americans in Mexico-rapes, murders, kidnappings. But I promise, those things are the exception and not the norm. You just don’t hear about the good things on the news, do you?

So please, stop assuming that all Mexicans are rule-breakers. Stop assuming that everyone will take advantage of you if you come for a visit. Stop assuming they are uneducated, lazy people that are all dying to make a new life outside of Mexico. Stop saying that they “all look the same,” because they don’t.

Americans, please inform yourselves. If you have any questions about what life in Mexico is like, feel free to ask me. Or better yet, ask a Mexican. I know plenty that would be so happy to talk to you about their country. It’s not fun when others stereotype us without knowing the facts, so please stop doing it to Mexicans.

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