Life Lately


-I was dreading summer in Saltillo because neither my car nor house has AC. However, since I got back 3 weeks ago, it hasn’t even reached 90 degrees. In fact, the highs for the past week have mostly been in the 70s thanks to rain-I’ve actually been cold trying to fall asleep at night.

-I went salsa dancing with Carlos and some other friends last week, and while I have had the basic steps and rhythm down for a while, my hips are still hopeless. Even guys here know how to move their hips better than I do; I’m beginning to think it’s a skill you’re born with.

-Being back at work has made me so happy. Not only is it good to have a steady income again, but I had forgotten how wonderful, warm, and a delight to teach my students are. I feel like I could work as an EFL teacher for the rest of my life and be perfectly content.

-I feel like my personality has changed since moving to Mexico, and that I may be (dare I say it?) becoming more of an extrovert. Here I take more social risks because, even if I totally fail, people will probably just chalk it up to the fact that I’m American (or so I tell myself 🙂 )

-I’m seriously considering buying an old Volkswagen Beetle. The first time I saw one in Tampico when I was 13, I freaked out because really, it looked just like Herbie!  I learned that there were still factories in Mexico making them new (just the old style). They are very cheap and economical, and I feel like for a few years at least, it would be incredibly fun to have one. 

-Carlos’ grandmother turned 96 on Wednesday, so we went to the senior adult center she goes to and played bingo with her. Carlos’ mom brought up a cake later, and everyone sang Happy Birthday to her and all of the men took her for a spin on the dance floor. I got a little emotional, because how often is it that someone even lives to be 96, much less is still able to dance? Her gratefulness and joy really inspire me.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading and sharing in my Mexican adventures!

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