Life Lately, in Photos


I had another car accident on Tuesday night, my 4th in the last 4 months if you include when Carlos’ neighbor backed into my parked car. Sometimes, when everything is going right, I feel like I’m amazing for being able to live in Mexico by myself. But then, something like a car accident happens, and I’m reminded of how fragile I am, that I need God and the people around me a lot more than I thought I did.

I clearly remember asking God for more humility a few weeks ago. I guess if his answer to that prayer is putting me in a neck brace (see the last picture) and making me totally dependent on others for my transportation for the foreseeable future, I really can’t complain. Whatever it takes to get through to me!

Despite the challenges, Mexico continues to be fun, beautiful, and a dream come true. Here are some pictures of what I’ve been up to lately:

Seeing the sunrise over the Rio Grande when I was on the bus coming back to Saltillo a few weeks ago


Watching Mexico/Croatia with Pau


Giving classes at a company at the very top of Saltillo, practically in the mountains!


Celebrating my friend/coworker Fernando’s birthday


Salsa dancing with Carlos


Drinking crema de coco


Eating chile rellenos en San Antonio de las Alazanas (a little town in the mountains) with Carlos

IMG_4001 IMG_4004

Celebrating Amalia’s 96th birthday with a dance and, a few days later, bingo




My car after Tuesday. Between my sister and I’s wrecks combined, it’s a wonder this thing is still running.


My latest accessory


Thanks, as always, for reading and sharing in my life!


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