Parras, Coahuila


To celebrate Mexico’s independence day, Carlos and I went to the little town of Parras a few weekends ago. His uncle owns a hotel there so we spent the weekend there hanging out with his cousins Jose, Diego and Fernando, and Jose’s girlfriend, Fana. Thanks to them for their hospitality! I’m excited to gain a few new cousins by getting married 🙂

The first time I went to Parras was in January 2013, on my first visit to Saltillo. Carlos took me there for the day, and I absolutely loved it. We visited a winery, had lunch at a beautiful local hotel, and climbed to the top of a big hill with a view of the whole town.

I was happy to go back again. Saltillo is hardly a stressful city to live in, but there’s something about escaping to a small town with few entertainment options that forces you to slow down and relax. We walked around town and stopped for tostitos preparados and ice cream (on both Saturday and Sunday), listened to live music that was being played, and basically did a whole lot of nothing at the hotel. The best part of the weekend by far was the hour-long massage I got on Sunday from a local Parras resident. It was my first professional massage EVER. After my neck injury in July, this was long overdue, and the perfect end to a relaxing weekend. I’m already looking forward to my next visit to Parras!

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Saturday began with the best breakfast tacos in Saltillo, at Pioneros. I laughed because this “brunch” ended up being at around 2 PM. I’m totally, totally getting more relaxed and didn’t even care.

Carlos looks sad because he finished his tacos?


On the road to Parras



Walking around town (the temperatures were cool all weekend)




We had this ice cream twice because it is so good and fresh. As you can see from the sign below, it’s also been in Parras since 1896! Here I had the cajeta (like caramel) and nuez (pecan) flavors, and on Sunday I had tamarindo and coconut.



Parras is known for its wine, and we found a barrel at the hotel to try some samples.

IMG_4360   IMG_4363

Happy Day, Mexico!



In addition to ice cream, we also bought fresh yogurt with fruit and nuts on Sunday. I’m really, really thankful that I’m not allergic to milk products.


Hanging out in town (not pictured: Carlos’ 2nd hot dog of the day and Jose’s tacos; we did a lot of eating this weekend)



The sky looked beautiful as we were driving back to Saltillo, a fitting way to end the weekend.


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