Carlos and Emily, Part 3

Unlike my lack of wedding vision, we did have a vision for our engagement photos. While we wanted the majority of the photos to be of us wearing normal clothes, we wanted one section to lightheartedly pay tribute to our different countries. We tossed around the idea of incorporating our respective country’s flag somehow, but in the end, we decided that Carlos would sport the Mexico national team’s soccer jersey and myself, USA’s. Somehow that transpired into actually playing soccer during the photo shoot (which I find laughable-the one semester of college I played intramural soccer made me realize I’m much better at basketball).

Anyway, the photos turned out perfect, in my opinion, and they were so, so fun to shoot. I’ll leave you with this final installment of our engagement photos. Thanks for looking!

IMG_8996 IMG_9015 IMG_9024 IMG_9028 IMG_9031 IMG_9240 IMG_9241 IMG_9270 IMG_9274 IMG_9292 IMG_9295 IMG_9316

Here’s the last from downtown:

IMG_8928  IMG_8904

IMG_8905 IMG_8678 IMG_8652

IMG_8957 IMG_8960

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