Wedding Week

The week leading up to the wedding was almost just as special as the “big day.” My whole family was here with me in Saltillo! They arrived early Tuesday morning, and even though I still had to work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I enjoyed spending as much time with them as I could. It was awesome because they all stayed with me! There was just enough room-my parents slept in my bedroom, and my sisters and I slept on our fold-out couch and blow-up mattress in the living room.

We didn’t do anything too extravagent or fun-we spent a lot of time hanging out at coffee shops and at home and running errands for the wedding. We ate at Los Pioneros twice because the tacos and coffee are so good. My sisters accompanied me to my mini bachelorette party with a few friends, and the morning of the wedding, the Lee ladies went to get manicures and pedicures together. One of the highlights of the week was our lunch on Friday-with my whole family and Carlos’ whole family. It was the first time we had all been together since the December before (I wrote about their first meeting here). I wanted to cry looking around the lunch table, sitting next to Carlos, seeing our dads lost in conversation and our moms somehow bonding over their shared love of desserts even though they don’t speak each other’s language. Somehow (or by God’s grace!) Carlos and I had made it, and I really couldn’t have written our story better if I had tried.

Here are some pictures from the week. I’ll forever be grateful to my family for their time and support that week, and to Carlos and his family for taking care of us.

It was slightly complicated getting all of my documents together to get married. My parents had to go to the courthouse in Texas to get an original copy of my birth certificate to send to me. After they overnighted it by DHL, we found out that it doesn’t just have to be the original, it has to have an apostile, something that makes it valid abroad. My parents went back to the courthouse, got another copy with the apostile, and re-overnighted it. I had just enough time to submit the birth certificate for translation because it takes a few weeks. When I went to pick it up, they had made a mistake-on my date of birth. I finally got the correct birth certificate on Saturday, 1 week before the wedding and 2 days before we had to turn in everything to the judge performing our ceremony. Phew!


My bachelorette party was incredibly fun. We went to a bar called La Perla Negra and there was live salsa music. My sisters thought it was pretty amazing, and I do agree that Mexicans do know how to have fun (and on a Thursday night, no less) and that my friends are no exception! Thanks to Giselly and Cecy for organizing it 🙂

IMG_5041 IMG_5044

These are from our lunch on Friday at Los Compadres downtown.

IMG_5050 IMG_5052

Getting manicures and pedicures was the best way to relax the morning of the wedding. On a good year, I maybe get a professional nail treatment twice, so I was utterly surprised when after they give you the foot massage and put lotion on your foot, they plugged in these booties that heat up and feel so amazing on your feet! Maybe they do this everywhere, but again, I wouldn’t know.


I asked my friend Sandra to do my make-up and hair for the wedding. I trust her immensely and was so, so happy with how everything turned out. The best part was that she came to my house and set up everything in my living room. Thanks Sandra!


And a few hours later….I was Mrs. Garcia! We’re still waiting on the photos from the photographer, but I’ll share them soon. Thanks for reading and for your support and congratulations.

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  1. ashleighfox says:

    Great photos and I loved reading the post! 🙂

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