A Quick Update


The past few months have been jam-packed. After our civil wedding in January and settling into married life, we started planning our wedding and reception. Carlos’ mom and sister had a bridal shower for me at the end of March, and I went to Texas the first weekend of April to do all sorts of wedding errands with my mom and sister.

We had our religious wedding and reception on April 19 here in Saltillo (my whole family came, including my grandmother!), and then last weekend, a reception back in Texas with my family and friends.

While there is one part of me that is relived to have all of these events behind me, I am a little sad to leave this season of life behind. Sometimes I think it takes big events or special occasions for the reality of how loved I am to sink in. Not only have I realized recently just how much Carlos loves me (and how much God loves me, through the way Carlos loves me), but all of my family and friends.

One great example of that was at my recent Mexican bridal shower. In total, Carlos’ mom had invited about 80 people, including my friends and her friends and family. I was really nervous that not many people would go because I haven’t lived here very long and because they might not feel the same connection to me as they would to a Mexican girl about to get married. Irrational fears, I know, but I was still worried.

Well, fast-forward to the actual bridal shower. Carlos came for a while to help me handle the gift portion, and after that we got up to give a small thank-you speech. That was the first time I realized that the place was packed. Hardly anyone hadn’t come. Almost every girl that I’ve met and have some sort of relationship with here in Saltillo was there. For me. And that didn’t include all of my mother and sister-in-law’s friends that probably had less of a reason to go, but still did. Needless to say, I got so choked up 10 seconds into my “speech,” that Carlos had to finish it. The love and support I felt in that room was almost tangible.

I could talk about a lot of other moments from our Mexican wedding and reception in Texas, and will…but for now I just wanted to say how thankful I am for everyone’s love these past few months. It is something I’ll never, ever forget.


Cookies from our reception in Texas

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