April Saltillo Wedding

A couple of months ago, I wrote about our first wedding day and why we chose to get married in a civil ceremony in January of this year.

Because we were already married, I felt very little pressure about our April wedding. We didn’t start planning anything until March. We booked the venue (a beautiful old house/gardens and former residence called Quinta San Jose) and from there started to research food and entertainment options.

Throughout this whole time, I had been undecided as to if I would wear a wedding dress or not. On March 18, I woke up and decided that I wanted a dress-and needed to buy it that day (I was definitely running out of time).  Honestly, all the wedding dresses I saw in Mexico were overpriced and not really my style, so my only option was to buy it….online! I started looking on Bhldn’s website, Anthropologie’s bridal line, because I knew I loved their dresses (my sister bought her’s there) and they would probably be pretty true to size. I bought my dress that day and had it shipped to my parents’ house in Texas. My dress was technically one of their “reception” dresses, so it was very reasonably priced and well as being exactly what I wanted.  I knew I was taking a huge risk but ordering it online, but I had a good feeling that it would fit.

I went home for a long weekend in early April to try on the dress. IT FIT! My aunt is an excellent seamstress so she ended up doing some minor alterations in an hour to make it more “mermaid-y.” But that was it. Thank you God!

Fast forward to the actual wedding. I spent the night with my family at their hotel the night before, got a solid 8 hours of sleep, and woke up feeling very rested, excited, and relaxed. My mom and sisters went with me to my friend Sandra’s salon where I got my hair and make-up done. While I was there, I drank some mint tea, ate a few snacks, and was overall pretty calm. The final result of my hair and make-up couldn’t have been more perfect.

From the salon, it was time to head to the venue! This was the only time I got stressed all day-we hit a road closure and I wasn’t sure of an alternate route to take to get there. Carlos calmly explained over the phone where we should go, and although we arrived late (Carlos and I were meeting our photographer at 1 to take pictures from the ceremony), we made it safe and sound.

As soon as we got the venue, it was time to put on my dress. The bridal room (pictured below is actually the closet) was stunning. Getting dressed there with my mom and sisters is one of my favorite memories of the day.



After another slight delay, this time with my dress’ zipper, Carlos and I started taking pictures. The thing I liked most about our venue was how there were so many different (and equally beautiful) spots to take pictures in. The hour-long photo shoot we had was really fun and passed by in a flash.











After relaxing in the bridal room for a few minutes, it was time for the ceremony. A pastor friend of mine conducted a Christian ceremony for us, and it was really meaningful. He speaks both English in Spanish, and was able to go back and forth between the two throughout the ceremony. Carlos said his vows to me in Spanish, and I said mine to him in English.



I was so excited to finally get my wedding band!


After the ceremony, we took family pictures. This one is by far my favorite!


Carlos and I waited a little bit inside before we joined our guests at the reception outside. Since Mexicans are chronically late, we wanted to give people time to get there before we were announced and had our first dance. Finally, it was time. The DJ announced us, we walked out, and then had our first dance to Scotty McCreery’s “I Love You This Big” (the week before the wedding, we still didn’t have a first dance song. I was wanting to dance to another country song, but Carlos didn’t really know it and it didn’t have any meaning for him. For some reason he had “I Love You This Big” on his phone and suggested we use it. It kind of fit perfectly, so I said sure, let’s dance to it 🙂 )

122A0835 122A0894

After our first dance, we danced with our parents to “In My Life” by the Beatles.

122A0928 122A0937

122A0948 122A0953

After the first dances, it was time to enjoy the reception. I have to add a side note about the flowers/table centerpieces. When I went to Texas in early April to get my dress, I spent a few hours with my mom and Hannah buying all of the table decorations. You probably could have guessed that this bride didn’t have a color scheme, but we went to Hobby Lobby and I really liked how orange and turquoise looked mixed with burlap, so I went with it. My aunt also loaned us some of the jars and the frames you see.

The Tuesday before the wedding, I went to a florist for the first time and basically told them I was getting married in 5 days and if they could help. I showed them pictures of the decorations I had, gave them a rough idea of what I liked without knowing much floral vocab. in Spanish, and prayed it would all turn out okay.  The owner and 2 employees were there setting up at the reception, and when I saw how everything looked, I was blown away. THANK YOU Blwm’s Saltillo for doing way more than I was expecting!

122A0665 122A0667

122A1346 122A0662

Not pictured is what we served for dinner: “taquisa,” which is basically make-your-own tacos. We had 5 or 6 different fillings, plus tortillas and guests got to choose. We hadn’t sampled the food beforehand (we went off of a recommendation from the venue), but it was so, so delicious.

The reception was so much fun. I was relaxed and really felt like I was enjoying every second of our wedding. It didn’t pass by in a blur; every part is really clear in my mind. I loved seeing my family there participating and having fun. Even my grandma liked it!

122A1220 122A0979

After dinner, Carlos’ sister surprised us with a mariachi band and a beautiful folklore dance (she used to dance in a group but recently started practicing again for the wedding). It was one of those moments where I couldn’t help but think, “Is this my life?”


It got even better. Carlos also used to dance folklore, so Gloria invited Carlos to dance with her for the 2nd song. Even though Carlos hadn’t danced in at least 5 years, he did great! It was my first (and maybe last!) time seeing either of them dance. Our guests loved it.


Carlos’ dad took advantage of the mariachi and sang along with them. I love mariachis and it was such a nice surprise to have one come to our wedding!


I’m not a cake lover, so I suggested we have churros at the wedding. Carlos found a place that brought their own stand and equipment, and they made the churros there, on the spot. So. delicious.


The reception continued with more dancing and the bouquet toss. Then, instead of the garter toss, we had the Carlos toss.

122A1363 122A1404

122A1433 122A1251

After the photographer left, we had a live band (or “banda”) come for an hour. I love dancing to “banda” music, and it was a lovely way to end the reception. We sent guests off with mini packs of coffee from World Market, and called it a night.


April 19 was definitely one of happiest days of my life. I thank God that we were able to have such a fun and beautiful celebration with our family and friends. Mostly, I thank God for giving me Carlos, the Mexican boy I randomly met at a bar in Ireland. Except that nothing about meeting him was random, and this wedding was proof of that.

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