My 2015


I thought about looking back at 2015 with pictures, or short recaps of its memorable events. I did get married, after all, and changed jobs and took a few wonderful trips with my family/husband. But perhaps more importantly, in 2015, I learned a lot about….love. Not romantic love, or “omg I love peanut butter/traveling/the Bachelor” love or “love” that’s there one day and gone the next. All-consuming, limitless love, that extends beyond borders of countries and will penetrate every corner of your heart if you’re not careful. Love that can only be from God it’s so good. Specifically, how did I try to put what I learned about love in 2015 into practice?

Love Jesus, even when He leads you on a path and to a church you didn’t expect.

Love the poor, not just with monetary or used clothing donations but with your time and self.

Love your husband, even when he exposes your greatest flaws and you would rather harden your heart.

Love your family, even when sometimes it feels like a lost cause because they’re far and you don’t know when they’ll be near you again.

Love, at all times and at all costs.

I hope my love only grows in 2016. We all know that I can use more of it! And because, well, pictures of memorable moments from the year are fun too, here are some of my favorites:

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