“Do you want to go pray on a hill?” An Awkward Relationship Story


Picture this: I’m a junior in college and fairly interested in a fellow Biola student who seems to be interested in me. He’s already initiated a few hang-out sessions, and while I’m not sure if I fully like him yet, I’ve enjoyed hanging out with him and am excited to get to know him better.

Then, one night, he sends me a text that reads: “Do you want to go pray on a hill?”

Navigating relationships with the opposite sex on a Christian college campus was difficult and awkward-this I already knew. But a text this cryptic was a new low. For minutes after I got the text, my roommate and I struggled to understand what he could mean. Why would he want to pray with me if we hardly knew each other? Was this code for “let’s make out?” Were there even any hills near campus?

After my said roommate and I decided that absolutely no good could come of me accepting this guy’s invitation to “pray on a hill,” I texted him back, politely declining. And needless to say, our relationship never progressed. (I really hope this guy doesn’t read my blog. I just checked and we are, indeed, still Facebook friends.)

About a year ago, my best friend Hilary (whom I had immediately relayed this situation to by text and she thought it was the funniest thing ever) reminded me of “pray on a hill guy.” I had to laugh, because I had somehow forgotten about the incident. But, since she reminded me, I’ve thought back a few times to that instance and where I am now.

Now, I’m married to a guy who is so refreshingly honest that sometimes (when I’m in a sensitive mood) he hurts my feelings. Who has never played games with me or sent me cryptic texts. Who has, even though there were times I didn’t believe it, always had my best interest at heart. Who, seeing that I also had awkward tendencies in dating when we met (8 months after my Biola graduation), always tried to make me feel comfortable and assured me I could trust him.

For a girl traumatized by boys wanting to pray on hills, this was huge.


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  1. seasiahil says:

    You were right. I love this blog. We could write a book with all our awkward dating stories!

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