33.5 Weeks Pregnant

My pregnancy app tells me I have 46 days to go. Yikes. And that the baby is the size of a pineapple. What I’m wondering is if that includes the stem? Or just the body of the pineapple? Because there’s a big difference.

Here are some random thoughts on pregnancy so far, and thoughts on what’s to come:

-I haven’t had any wild cravings. I don’t even think I’ve had any more cravings than normal. Sometimes I really want ice cream or french fries, but that’s been the story of my life. Are cravings purely psychological? I also haven’t wanted to be the wife that’s constantly texting Carlos to bring home this or that or to go out for this or that because I’m pregnant, baby. That just doesn’t seem fair. Carlos does a lot as it is.

-I’ve been reading a lot, while I still can. I know it’s unrealistic to think I’ll be able to keep up a reading routine with a newborn.

-Our plan is to have the baby in Texas. I’ll give birth at the same hospital that I was born at! We’ve also been seeing a doctor here in Mexico, just in case.

-I’m falling in love with baby girl clothes. Especially dresses. And the swimsuit with strawberries on it that someone gave us. I can’t wait till she’s old enough to wear it!

-I don’t have a birth plan. “Have baby” is the only thing that comes to mind. My chiropractor told me that I can ensure a shorter/easier labor by keeping up a walking routine throughout my pregnancy, so that’s what I’ve been trying to do. I try to go every other day at least and always feel so much better afterwards.

-We have a name picked out, FINALLY! Finding a pretty name that we both like, that’s pronounced the same in both Spanish and English, is hard.

-I’m incredibly thankful to my mother-in-law and sister-in-law for planning my baby showers here, and so much more. And for the ladies that are planning one for me in Texas in a few weeks. I feel very loved.

-Whenever I start to worry about something related to labor or taking care of a newborn, 95% of the time the baby picks that exact moment to move or kick. I know it’s God reminding me not to worry.

-There’s a lot of good prenatal stretching and yoga videos on Youtube.

-I remember hearing an actress say a few years ago that she loved being pregnant because it was the only time in life she didn’t have to worry about sucking in her stomach. I feel ya, woman. It is refreshing to realize that even though you feel huge, you have a perfectly good reason to feel huge.

-People touching my stomach doesn’t bother me like I thought it might. Yesterday, a teenage girl working in a store I visited patted my stomach and said “Aww!” and I found myself smiling at her.

-I recently started going to a women’s Bible study on Tuesday mornings, and I was shocked when, on only my 4th week in attendance, the group told me that they were going to have a baby shower for me during one of our upcoming sessions. It’s on Tuesday and I’m so excited! I already know this group is going to be a great support to me when I come back to Saltillo with a newborn.



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  1. Michelle Gomez says:

    Love this! I wish I was better at walking and journaling throughout this pregnancy (and reading), but alas, I guess it’s never too late to start. Thanks for inspiring me to capture the moments. Love reading thoughts from someone who is in the exact place as me and first time mom. So special! May the Lord continue to bless you on the remainder of your pregnancy journey.

    1. Emily says:

      I wish I could say I’ve been journaling throughout the entire pregnancy, but I really haven’t 😦 Oh well! You too, Michelle. We’re almost there!

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