On Motherhood


I’m 5 weeks, 1 day into being a mom, and wow. I love Sophia. I love the faces she makes in her sleep, her hands, her squeals, the way she throws an arm around me when she’s asleep on me chest. She has made me slow down and take deep breaths, smile more, pray more, and evaluate what really matters in life. She’s changed everything, that’s for sure, in the best way possible.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not hard being a new mom.

However, I have a choice. To complain about the lack of sleep, interruptions, extra laundry, aching back, neck, and shoulders, and little free time. Or to be thankful for it. All of it. I don’t want Sophie to, as she grows up, think of me as a grouch or constantly stressed out and anxious or resentful because I have to do a lot of things for her. I don’t want her to see me as perfect or “super mom” (not that she ever would, let’s be real), either, but I want her to remember me as having done my best with whatever circumstances came our family’s way. And having done it with a thankful heart.





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