I’m Emily: wife to Carlos and mom to Sophia. Listening to Spanish and Italian music is something I enjoy, along with playing sports and traveling.

Mexico is where I live, but it’s not my home. That would be Texas, and yet it feels foreign to me sometimes, too. In fact, my life feels like one never-ending equation of trying to figure out where I belong.

My faith in God helps with the confusion. I’ve been following Him for nearly 25 years, and He’s never left my side. I see reminders of His goodness in the simplest of things, like dirty dishes and baby hugs and parks with lots of green grass.

I’ve been journaling for 20+ years, and blogging is simply an extension of that habit. I hope you’ll enjoy my musings on the highs and lows of being a new-ish mom in a foreign country. I like reading your e-mails at eleeadventure at gmail dot com.



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